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Hillside wines

  • Our Vacqueyras are hillside wine. Hillsides are known for the quality of their wines because the yields diminish with altitude, and concentration increases. 


Identification of different soil types:

  • In spite of being of the same varietals, Grenache and Syrah, our 3 Vacqueyras and our Cote du Rhone have very different personalities, now that I've finally separated them according to soil type. Generally speaking, the 3 Vacqueyras are from the Oligocene period (mainly clay and limestone with different microminerality), the Batelier, CdR, is from pebbles leftover from glaciation, with a foot of topsoil. The soil type is also impacted by altitude and slope: as you go up and as the incline increases there is less to no topsoil, and also more drainage... which leads to more concentration.  Concentration is also increased with good agriculture practices.

Unusual macerations:

  • Our maceration, without oxygen, after fermentation, are very long and last up to 2 months. This adds length and roundness, ie a mouth watering smoothness.  Some of our wines have been compared to sumo wrestlers, both strong and soft...

Les vins du Clos

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