Head of Cultivation

Enrique is Head of Cultivation and loves the Clos de Caveau terroirs as well as working organically. 

Favourite varietal: "Grenache as it's a varietal from our region, it gives a powerful wine, which I like."

Couldn't live without: "The sun of the South [of France]!"

Unforgettable tasting experience: "Two years ago when tasting the Château Cheval Blanc 2004 vintage."

Favourite dish: "A veal stew served with a Saint Joseph wine."

Treasured moment of the weekend: "Friday late afernoon as it's the end of the week, a time to relax.  Also going to the Ardèche with my wife and children to explore the rivers and mountains."

Best moment of the year: "Going to a music festival with my group of friends."

If you could go anywhere in the world: "Without hestitation I would go discover the uninhabitted expanses of land in Canada." 

Nicolas' email


Meet the Team

"An exceptional terroir and an exceptional team..."
Henri Bungener


Henri let go of the life of a psychologist in London, and took on the role of winemaker, many years ago now. 

Why this job: "I find it astonishing to think that wine originates from the ground."

Favourite varietal: "I like grenache as it expresses the terroir better than other varietal."

His Sunday: "Walking in the Dentelles de Montmirail with a rising or settting sun."

Impossible to live without: "We can't live without love."

Favourite dish: "My grandmother was from the Drôme and from Nice, she would always say that she could eat it everyday, whilst speaking about Bouillabaisse soup... well I couldn't agree more!"

An unforgettable tasting experience: "When my three Vacqueyras wines were born: Fruit Sauvage, Carmin Brillant and Lao Muse. Je suis un chercheur dans l’âme EDIT. Elaborer, faire correspondre le terroir, l’assemblage et la vinification ont été un long travail récompensé."

email Henri,  Tel: +33 (0) 618 15 48 19

Damien Rigaud 


Mikael is the Clos de Caveau winemaker and he loves the setting and the terroirs of the vineyard.

Favourite varietal: "Carignan as it's a varietal that is symbolic of the Rhône Valley and is often overlooked despite its potential!"

Unforgettable tasting experience: "A dry red Rasteau from 1964… Outstanding!"

Favourite dish: "A filet mignon with morels served with a white Rhône grenache."

Treasured moment of the weekend: "The times spent with family and friends." 

If you could go anywhere in the world: "New Zealand to experience its contrasting landscapes of sea and mountains."  

Mikael's email

Damien Verriele 

Coordinator and sales

Favorite grape variety: "Pino Nero: lovely, light and very fruity wines"

An unforgettable tasting experience: "In Sancerre, at Mr Mellot's, where I discovered old vintages which had aged very well."

Favorite dish: "A salad of tomatoes and arugula, with pesto and slivers aged parmesan."

His favorite moment of the weekend: "Get together with friends and watch our kids play a rugby match. "

His travel of choice: " I would like to go to Chile and visit an old friend. She is a winemaker and I would love to discover her vineyard. "


Damien's email                              Tel: +33 (0) 685 824 558

Hélène Roux


Hélène is the account of Le Clos de Caveau. She takes pleasure in working in an environement where the respect for people matches that for nature.

Impossible to live without: "Invigorating moments surrounded by nature."

Unforgettable tasting experience: "A Croze Hermitage, tasted with friends."

Favourite dish: "Lamb slow cooked for 7 hours… with spelt and served with a red Ventoux."

Treasured moment of the weekend: "When one is able to turn a daily activity into a pleasurable and relaxing moment; breakfast on the terrace, shopping at local shops or markets…"

If you could go anywhere in the world: "I would take my bike and go on a tour of the villages of the provençale Drôme, where the countryside is shared between farming and meadows, and where medieval history is engraved in the villages and hamlets."

Hélène's email,             Tel: +33490658533 (Wednesday)

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