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Head of Cultivation

Enrique is responsable for the vignes and loves the Clos de Caveau terroirs as well as working organically. 

Favourite varietal: "I like all varietals, I love the way each one reflects the environment in which they grow."

Couldn't live without: "Water. In the summer I like to bathe in local rivers or in the sea when I go back to my childhood home in Spain."

Unforgettable tasting experience: "I learned a lot here at Clos de Caveau.  Tastings with Damien Rigaud, the caviste, blew my mind when I was starting. I discovered how delicate blending makes completely different wines."

Favourite dish: "Slow roast lamb, for seven hours, with Provencal herbs."

Treasured moment of the weekend: "Spending time with my wife and newborn son at home, cycling, swimming, resting, etc."

If you could go anywhere in the world: “I would like to discover magnificent and immense wild landscapes, such as Siberia." ​

Enriques's email

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Meet the Team

"An exceptional terroir and an exceptional team..."
Henri Bungener


Henri Bungener, organic winegrower, owner winemaker

Henri let go of the life of a psychologist in London, and took on the role of winemaker, many years ago now. 

Why this job: "I find it astonishing to think that wine originates from the ground."

Favourite varietal: "I like grenache as it expresses the terroir better than other varietal."

His Sunday: "Walking in the Dentelles de Montmirail with a rising or settting sun."

Impossible to live without: "We can't live without love."

Favourite dish: "My grandmother was from the Drôme and from Nice, she would always say that she could eat it every day, whilst speaking about Bouillabaisse soup... well I couldn't agree more!"

An unforgettable tasting experience: "When my three Vacqueyras wines were born: Fruit Sauvage, Carmin Brillant, and Lao Muse. It was like the end of a long journey, or a puzzle solved: For years I had not been able to understand why my tanks were so different one from the other: terroir, terroir, terroir!"

Email Henri,  Tel: +33 (0) 618 15 48 19

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Damien Rigaud 


damien r de face.jpg

Damien R. is the Clos de Caveau winemaker; he loves the setting and the Clos' attention to the details of the terroirs.

Favourite varietal: "Syrah, it is emblematic of the northern Côtes-du-Rhône, and I love Côte-Rôtie."

Couldn't live without: "Foraging for morel mushrooms and wild asparagus at the foot of Mont Ventoux,  during the week when it’s quiet."

Unforgettable tasting experience: "Côte-Rôties in the cellar of Château Guigal. La Mouline, la Turque, la Landonne… wines to take one’s breath away."

Favourite dish: "Veal chops with morels in cream."

Treasured moment of the weekend: "A barbecue with friends and family, and a game pétanque in the sun. "

If you could go anywhere in the world: "I would love to go back to Argentina to the Lujan de Cuyo region where the vines grow at the foot of the snow-capped Andes mountain range". 

Damien's email

Nathalie Feriaud 

Head of sales and tourism

nathalie light 200

Impossible to live without: Relationships, I love contact with people, exchanges... We always learn from others.

Favourite grape varieties: The king blend of our region, Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre with a long maturation, power and finesse, I love it!

Unforgettable tasting experience: every time I make my clients taste, they are curious to learn and I am delighted to pass on the knowledge.

Favourite dish: St. Pierre with crunchy vegetables.

My favourite part of the weekend: Family outings, in the garrigues, in the forest, at the seaside, and with my dog.

My favourite trip: Ireland, where I met extraordinary people, saw magnificent landscapes and experienced unforgettable moments.


Nathalie's email                              Tel: +33 (0) 

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Hélène Roux


Clos de caveau accountant, local who loves hiking and provencal food

Hélène is the accountant of Clos de Caveau. She takes pleasure in working in an environement where the respect for people matches that for nature.

Impossible to live without: "Invigorating moments surrounded by nature."

Unforgettable tasting experience: "A Croze Hermitage, tasted with friends."

Favourite dish: "Lamb slow cooked for 7 hours… with spelt and served with a red Ventoux."

Treasured moment of the weekend: "When one is able to turn a daily activity into a pleasurable and relaxing moment; breakfast on the terrace, shopping at local  markets…"

If you could go anywhere in the world: "I would take my bike and go on a tour of the villages of the provençale Drôme, where the countryside is shared between farming and meadows, and where medieval history is engraved in the villages and hamlets."

Hélène's email,             Tel: +33490658533 (Wednesday)

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